2022 Educational Field Trips


Educational field trips to our U pick strawberry patch will be available each year late April until late June.  Groups should plan to spend a minimum of 1-2 hours at the farm but are welcome to stay as long as needed. We have picnic tables, corn hole boards, field games, fairy garden scavenger hunt, huge jump pad, paintball target practice, bucking cow barrel train rides and more. We have 1 indoor restroom and 1 outdoor restroom, as well as hand wash stations.

We will remn open on rainy days and recommend participants wear rain gear such as rain boots, hats, jackets. We also allow you to reschedule your event if the weather forecast is not ideal.

Please enter the approximate number of students in your group as the “quantity” when you reserve your trip.

Cost is $10 per child and includes 1 pint of PYO strawberries, lesson on comparing and contrasting units of measurement (pint, quart, gallon), and 1 activity per child. Activities to choose from include a scavenger hunt in the fairy garden, jump pad, paintball target shooting, bucking cow barrel train ride, cover crop fun maze or sunflower seed planting in a take home pot that can be entered into our “tallest sunflower” contest in the fall.

Parents & siblings are welcome to attend at a cost of $5 per person, which includes the option to pick 1 pound of strawberries.

Teachers are welcome to pick 1 pound of strawberries at no charge when quantities are sufficient.

Please prepare children, perhaps during the car ride to the farm and again upon arrival to the farm, for expected U pick “manners”.
1. Walk only in aisles and do not step on strawberries or on plastic.
2. No stepping across strawberry rows because they are bigger than they look and you will step on berries.
3. Only pick red strawberries. If a strawberry has white on it, it is not ready. Strawberries do not continue to ripen after harvest.
4. Try not to eat strawberries until after check out if possible (we know this is a hard one).
5. No running at the farm so everyone stays safe.
6. Pint containers must be able to close, no over filling.
6. Enjoy your day at the strawberry farm!