fruit and veggie buffet package (all u can eat)


This program is a season package for the items listed below. You may choose to receive 1 of these items, all of these items or any combination of items you would like. All crops are weather dependent so there are no guarantees. However, you will continue to have credit until you are satisfied that you have received product for money spent. Like all buffets, ours is also ALL U CAN EAT! While we will not be tracking the amount of food customers receive, it is important that customers receive a minimum of $500 worth of product so we will price individual products below so customers may keep track and make sure $500 worth of food is received. We also trust that our customers will not take advantage of this generous offer by informing us when orders have been fulfilled and not continue to receive excessive amounts of product to the extent of detriment to our business. Jennifer will be posting products on Facebook as they become available and customers may pick up at any location that is convenient. 2022 fruit & veggie schedule:

STRAWBERRIES April-early July ($8/pound)

ASPARAGUS May/June ($7/pound)

TOMATOES June-Frost ($3/pound)

PEACHES August ($5/pound)

GREEN BEANS August/September ($4/pound)

CUCUMBERS August/September ($2/pound)

SWEET CORN September (75 cents per ear)

CANTALOUPE September ($4 each)

WATERMELON September ($6 each)



SUNFLOWERS August/September ($2 per stem or $15/dozen)